Management and Business Advisory:

  1. Advice on business planning, Strategic plans, project feasibility proposals and Reorganizations.
  2. Business process improvement to help in the realization of strategic and organisational goals.
  3. Grant management, Project monitoring, procurement and contract management.
  4. Advice on adequacy of management strategies, procedures and practices, Management audits and cost reduction through analysis and identification of cost drivers.
  5. Recruitment and training of personnel in management and financial areas.


Corporate Finance Services:

  1. We support firms with necessary expertise to access finance from Banks or capital markets.
  2. We undertake in-depth analysis of business activities and prepare feasibility studies for new Investments, due diligence on business acquisitions, mergers, strategic alliances and joint ventures, changes in Partner/shareholders arrangements.
  3. Prepare accountants’ reports in a prospectus.


Virtual CFO/ Accountancy Services:

  1. Virtual CFO solutions in finance, accounting, risk management, business consulting.
  2. Analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of accounting, costing, management information systems, and risk management procedures.
  3. Outsourcing services at any stage of the accounting cycle i.e. transaction processing, preparation of periodic management performance & statutory reports e.g. VAT returns, financial statements deemed essential for value creation.
  4. Management accounting services through application of appropriate techniques in the evaluation of performance and decision making in key areas of a client’s operations.
  5. Preparation of Accounting manuals, procedures and implementation training.
  6. Payroll administration and advice on statutory deductions.
  7. Automation and optimization of accounting & management information systems.
  8. Training, development and mentoring of in-house staff in financial, management accounting.


Auditing and Assurance Services:

  1. Statutory audits to facilitate regulatory compliance.
  2. Special audits, investigations and value for money audits.
  3. Due diligence for acquisitions, mergers & reorganizations
  4. Internal audits/ Risk management solutions through rigorous identification, analysis & advice on controls.


Tax Advisory Services:

  1. We help our clients optimize their tax planning & compliance especially in the principal areas of direct, indirect and agency taxes e.g. income Tax, VAT, PAYE.
  2. We support clients in tax accounting; preparation of self assessment returns for filing.
  3. Provide guidance to clients on current tax issues, regulations & tax dispute resolution.


Corporate Recovery Services:
We provide Interim management for companies under financial distress.

  1. Preparation and/ or Evaluation of restructuring plans.
  2. Insolvency services where alternatives do not exist.